Unique Cupping Sounds on Harmonica

Since the public launch of The Harp Wah (about 2 months ago), I’ve been using my “pre-production” model on live shows & in a couple of harmonica sessions. I have to say I’m really pleased with the tone and performance of this unique harp cup/resonator device.

I think what I appreciate the most is that on my recent live shows, many audience members, (usually non-harp playing folks who know very little about harmonica and especially this product), have been responding really well to this cupping device and the effects it produces – often making it a point to tell me how great it sounds after the show.

cupping effects harmonica


Comments like:

“Sounds just like a trumpet mute.” “What is that device you’re using? It sounds great.” are common and frequent.

To me that’s a great indicator that there is a lot of merit to this product idea. It’s one thing for a harmonica player to appreciate something made for the harp, but impressing the average listener at the same time is even more significant. In the end, it’s the listener that you are playing for – harmonica player or not.

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