Harmonica Cup Mute

The Harp Wah™

“The Better Cup Mute”

• Great Tone
• Convenient to Use
• Aims Sound Directly Forward
• Looks Pro (Lightweight, Anodized Aluminum)

cup mute for Harmonica

Interested? Check Out the Harp Wah Website: www.harmonicamute.com

You may have thought that playing into a “cup” or “mug” for effect was just a “demonstrative” technique – a one-off kind of thing. Awesome in the right hands for sure but probably not much use beyond that…

I Saw It Differently.

And The Harp Wah™ Was the Result.

“This was something I originally created just for my own use…”

I think the “cup mute” effect should be used the way a trumpet player uses a trumpet mute – in the right place, it would be a great effect to have at a harmonica player’s disposal. Over the years I tried the old-school “playing into a cup” thing on some recording sessions and live situations, but I always found it awkward – especially when trying to aim the sound into a mic. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I found it very limiting when trying to play as “freely”, as I normally do, (without the restrictions of holding a large cup).

So I created this device just for my own use. After seeing the interest from my harp player friends and mentors, I decided to produce these for sale to the public.
The response has been overwhelming.